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Dina Marie
11-30-2007 10:39:55 am CST

Hey mom looking good!! I loved your myspace!!! talk at cha later!!

Deborah Sevigny
10-2-2006 01:15:53 pm CDT
Arlena, I am so proud of you, Steve, and all the kids!!! You were born for success!! Blessings, blessings, blessings. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Love, Deborah

05-2-2006 11:36:49 pm CDT
Wonder Women, Arlena, the weather in Nevada is fine write back.

03-27-2006 11:26:36 am CST

This is pretty sweet mom! You have worked really hard and some day you will get everything you have put into your work back. If anyone does not know who you are, they should because of your fantastic work techniques. Follow your dreams mom, Love BT

02-24-2006 08:56:30 am CST
I really would like to get a mushroom kit could you please put the info on your website!!

Dina Marie
02-23-2006 09:40:02 am CST
Giving people hope of achievemnet and a template for surpassing their goals is such a great way Garden Wise has become, for many of us veiwers, who have lost hope at some point in our lives. I too hope I can overcome the endured opsticoles you have triumped over, the no's that you must have heard and willingly keeped on going, only to climb to the top. Did you find your self wanting more? I know some way you have thought, more is just around that courner. That stopping here would not be justified in any way. Thank you would be a polite way to thank you. Only I would like to praise you for such a beautiful show. In some way it's not the show that makes you well known. But the Fire you give to heat up all crativity that we as views have loved from the very begining.

01-30-2006 03:18:14 pm EST
Wow,this is great!I am supper proud and love you lots.

Patty Babes
01-26-2006 12:34:08 am EST
Great site! Love you

Mr.Blue Eyes   tailormd@triwest .net
01-24-2006 06:59:13 am EST
I am very proud of you and am fortunate as well as blessed that our paths crossed.How could anybody else be luckier? Your shows are beautiful and YOU are a natural...!Go get em..!

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