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What’s blooming in your neighborhood

Zone 4-5 in the upper Midwest


Endless Summer Hydrangea are all abloom here in Zone 4-5 and are a perfect match for any garden!

Photo by Bailey Nurseries

One of my all time favorite perennials Gloriosa Daisey

:grows 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide here in Wisconsin Zone 4-5.  Loves the sun but will do well in part shade. Plant a few and in no time you will have a wonderful splash of color inyour garden.


Echinacea  Cone Flower

"Maui Sunshine" and "Little Angel" are just a few of the beautiful colors that are blooming in the Cone Flowers



 Pictures by Terra Nova Nurseries Canby Oregon






 Green Blessings Arlena




Zinnias are a perfect way to add Color in Annuals to your garden.