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           When I first heard the voice on the phone say "Hello ,this is Nicki with  HGTV
Landscape Smart , we would like you to come to Minnesota for a screen /camera test".
I could have  ALMOST said " that that was enough".
Enough in the since that every thing that I have ever believed in and taught my children
was true, Follow your dreams and don't sit and wait for the prize patrol to come to your house ............hunt it down and find it yourself.
A feeling of accomplishment in the fact that we are working in the right direction.
You recall I said ALMOST enough.....NOW WE WAITE to see what happens next.
The opportunity was FUN and so easy?.
I couldn't believe how NOT nervous I was?.
Is that good or not?.
I don't know. I do know we put our best foot forward and took the leap and I know
the net will what form is the mystery.
I so love a good to you later....Arlena