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Arlena visited several of the on air personalities of TCCTV while filming her show"Garden Wise With Arlena".

The episode was called "Holiday Introductions". Arlena and the hosts cooked up some of their favorite dishes.


Ann Nelson host of "Coffee Chat". Arlena and Ann sampled Anns Scottish Heather and Danish.


 Pata Warner host of "Living Latina."

Arlena and Pata made a wonderful pomegranate salad.


Tammy Eingsler  host of the "American Housewife". Arlena and Tammy sampled holiday toddies.


Arlena and Carol at the Brumder Mansion

08/2006 Shooting

Treasures Of Milwaukee Wisconsin series.  


Garden Wise with Arlena would like to introduce you to our newest addition to the feature segments that make up Garden Wise with Arlena the series.

Kids Corner

Demi-Jo age 13 and Trent age 5 are the Hosts of Kids Corner, a feature segment of Garden Wise with Arlena that takes a look at many subjects from a Kids point of view.

Look at the Kids Korner Page to see what Demi-Jo and Trent are up to.

 Watch Kids Corner on the slops........................

These sleds were given to Kids Corner By                  

“Pan brings music to the garden” is the name of the series we have been working on through out this past summer. Garden Wise with Arlena has been following a group of musicians through the process of collaborating to create and record some original music for the Garden Wise with Arlena TV series.


 Watch for a listing of show times and read all about the collaboration in our

 Garden Wise ~ Living Wise with Arlena magazine.



Arlena and her daughters celebrated the first issue of their new magazine Garden Wise ~Living Wise with a fun night out on the town. They started the evening with a fun ride in a stretch limousine provided by A Plus Limousine Service of Eau Claire Wisconsin. The evening was full of friends, family and a whole lot of fun. Pictured from left to right are Demi-Jo Schott age13 and the feature writer of Kids Corner, Ashley Lynn Workman age 23, photographer and feature writer for Taste The Seasons , Arlena Schott Host and Editor and Dina Marie AAsen age 24 , First Issue Marketing Director, photographer and videographer.