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Memorial Gardens

Planting a Memorial Garden is a great way to remember a loved one who has passed away and gives the family a place to come and remember the happy times they shared with that person.


Memorial Gardens can be large and lavish or small and quaint.

Choose plants that have a special connection to the person who has past, for instance if your loved ones favorite flower was the Iris you may choose to plant an Iris Garden in memory of that person. If their favorite color was red you may choose to plant a Memorial Garden in Red hues in honor of them.


Trees can also be dedicated in memory of a past loved one as well as an annual garden that can be planted as a ritual of memory each spring.


Memorializing a loved one who has given their lives for our country can be as easy as tying a yellow ribbon around a container of beautiful flowers or planting an annual bed with Red White and Blue Flowers.


Dedicating the Memorial Garden can be a great opportunity to gather loved ones and friends in memory of the past. Adding a marker is a way that allows whoever views the garden to understand its meaning.


Sacred Engravings provided Garden Wise with Arlena a beautiful dedication plaque along with AN Angels Destiny which provided a gorgeous Welcome Totem, both will be used in the Garden Wise with Arlena's Memorial Garden Episode.Watch for dates and times.